Social Media isn’t Accessible for Everyone – #hcsmca Explores

November 8, 2015

Colleen Young

By Sarah E. McMillan (@mcmilly_s), reviewed by @pfanderson

Headshot of Sarah E. McMillan Sarah E. McMillan

Social media is an increasing presence in our everyday lives. It has changed the way people gather information, accomplish everyday tasks and connect with individuals both within and outside of their personal networks. We assume that the shift towards social media, particularly on mobile devices, has enabled communication to be even more convenient than ever.

But are social media tools convenient for everyone?

Despite being described as a democratic tool that reduces social hierarchies and promotes inclusion, social media can present barriers for individuals with a disability. Assistive devices and built in accessibility features can assist and in many cases enable individuals with a visual, auditory or mobility impairment to navigate and participate in media usage. However, common challenges to accessibility still persist.

Some accessibility barriers are located within the media or device itself: an inability to increase…

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