UPDATED: Following Iowa Athletes and Other Events Online

SUNDAY UPDATE: After all this multitasking described below it was Eastern Iowa’s KCJJ that first told me on Sunday that Shonn Greene was drafted by the Jets and Bradley Fletcher by the St. Louis Rams. (Others may have been first, but that’s where I saw it first.)

SATURDAY UPDATE: The plan was that when Iowa RB Shonn Greene (and any other Iowa player) was drafted in today’s draft that I would first hear about it through a Twitter message sent by SportyTweets. That changed when SportyTweets announced just now on Twitter that they’d stop the live updates after the first round.

Either way, today I dipped into three of the four major sports. All at the same time.

I’m following the NFL draft on Twitter via SportyTweets’ updates. (They also offer updates via text message.) This beats previous years when I’d try to watch the draft on TV. Maybe because you can do other things at the same time and can catch up on messages at your own pace?

UPDATE: Their live updates will end after the first round.

I’m planning on moving over to NFL.com’s coverage here or to USA Today’s Twitter coverage here (USA Today is posting Twitter updates through the second round).  

SportyTweets coverage of the first round told me in 140 characters or less which team was on the clock. A few moments later they told me the name, school and position of the player picked. They also quickly reported breaking news, like when teams traded picks.

You can watch the draft’s first round that way, too, by clicking here.

I watched the NHL playoff game (Pittsburg vs. Philadelphia) on regular TV. Some people, like this example also gave some updates on Twitter.

I’m also listening to the New York Yankees – Boston Red Sox game on XM Satellite radio. At the same time, I’m watching MLB’s online Gameday coverage of the same game here.

And while I was doing all this I still spent time with the family. I felt a bit plugged in today.


One Response to UPDATED: Following Iowa Athletes and Other Events Online

  1. Andy Denton says:

    Thanks for the mention of SportyTweets (http://twitter.com/sportytweets). We love to hear that our service was useful.

    Look forward to more things from us this summer. Be sure to follow your favorite teams (found on our website, SportyTweets.com). We’ll be adding more teams and leagues in the coming weeks.

    Thanks again,

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