Hair Stylist’s Hands Were Sweaty

I get a haircut every few weeks. This last time around, at a place in northeast Cedar Rapids, might have been the worst experience, yet.

The hair stylist’s hands, which as you might imagine were touching my head constantly, were sweaty. She got them dried off by going through my short hair a number of times, however.

But what can you do? Get up and leave halfway through a haircut? Probably not. So, I stuck it out. And took a shower when I got home.

Her chewing gum somewhat loudly was a minor annoyance at that time.

That may have been one of the worst customer service experiences I’ve ever had, but it brought to mind a couple other annoyances:

– The grocery store bagger who put one item in each bag – even when I brought my own cloth bags.

– The gas station clerk who spotted some kind of substance on her forearm while ringing up my purchases. Instead of finishing ringing me up, she decided to lick her thumb and rub on the stuff on her arm.

And finally, I still can’t believe that my Internet provider is one of the few (if not only) places where I can’t pay a bill online.


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