Health Care Assistant Kept Urine Sample Over Weekend

On a Friday, a former health care assistant for Planned Parenthood took a urine sample from Planned Parenthood’s Monticello clinic to the Cedar Rapids Health Center for testing, according to Iowa Unemployment Insurance records.

But when she arrived in Cedar Rapids the clinic was already closed.

Records show that “she decided to wait until Monday to turn in the sample. There was no problem with testing the urine sample, which was good for 30 days, but” the person was blamed “for the delay in processing the specimen.”

The person was later discharged for this and other reasons that you can read here.

Officials ruled that “while the employer may have been justified in discharging the (person), work-connected misconduct as defined by the unemployment insurance law has not been established. No willful and substantial misconduct has been proven in this case. At most, the evidence shows unsatisfactory work performance.

“(She) is qualified to receive unemployment insurance benefits, if she is otherwise eligible,” the ruling states.

 This ruling came down just earlier this week.


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