UPDATED: DIRECTV Customer Service Improving

APRIL 19 UPDATE: DIRECTV techs came out today – a Sunday – to replace the receiver. It turned out the old one crashed.

I stayed with DIRECTV all these years (since 2004 and also in 2001/2002) because of all the sports they offer. Customer service was usually terrible.

Apparently, some people switched providers (or complained enough) because of the poor service and now DIRECTV is making it a priority to improve customer service. I’d say so far so good. OK, I have to run. No more time for the Internet. The TV is working again.

DIRECTV Reads Caller’s Mind

Tonight I called DIRECTV to complain about a problem with the DVR.

I was getting ready for a lengthy conversation with the automated answering service. I was pleasantly surprised it went like this:

VOICE: “Please tell me the nature of your ca…”

No time to respond by me.

VOICE: “I’m sorry but I can’t process your request. Please press 1 if you currently have DIRECTV.”

I pushed 1.

VOICE: “Please tell us the nature of your ca…”

No time to respond again.

VOICE: “Thank you. Let me transfer you.”

Less than five rings.

HUMAN OPERATOR: “How may I help you?”

ME: Quick explanation.

HUMAN OPERATOR: “OK, let me transfer you to the correct person.”

Less than five rings.

ME: Another quick explanation.

HUMAN OPERATOR: A couple more questions, then a quick scheduling of a service call.

Much better than the 50 minutes I’ve been on the phone on calls like these before. It was so quick I forgot to ask for a free movie for the inconvience.


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