Air Bed Goes Bust

The plan was to let our visitors sleep on the air bed last night and the next few nights. So, we filled it with air, but didn’t know the thing had a slow leak. And as this article points out: An air bed with a leak is as good as no air bed.

So the guests started with a bed full of air Wednesday night. As the air started escaping one visitor went to sleep on the couch. On Thursday morning, the bed had deflated so much that the second visitor, who remained on the “air” bed, now was sleeping on the floor.

Oops. Good thing it wasn’t a water bed.

By the way, today, we bought a new air bed.


2 Responses to Air Bed Goes Bust

  1. Maryiowa says:

    Not only that, the toxic plastic/rubber of the bed left my sister w/ a three-day headache. Visitors now get the couch.

  2. Crystal Ott says:

    As the said visitor in the stated blog above, I must agree with this story…my fiance was sleeping on the hardwood floor by the middle of the night in a cocoon of rubber. I on the other hand had abandoned ship and made my way to the couch. The new bed is magnificent…even with the rubber fumes that will be dispensed as time wears on… thanks for letting us stay!

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